Android Game Of The Day-Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn

Those waiting for an Android version of Borderlands official top down game.. will unfortunately have to just keep waiting. It may not even ever release onto Android period. So instead, if you crave that FPS with RPG element style gameplay and that awesome cell-shaded visual flare, check out Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn from Freyr Games. Its got the same type of look and feel, and at the least would be a great FPS and addition to your mobile game library.

Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn has a total of 4 different classes (much like the borderlands games) to choose from with over 100 different skills and plenty of item drops that you can upgrade to. Each different class has their own unique characteristics and history embedded in the story so you'll have a new gaming experience with each one.

So far, this is shaping up to be as close to Borderlands as it could get, which is great because Borderlands was a phenomenal game. You can venture through the campaign style mode of play, with co-op capabilities and up to 4 players total or you can go in on the head to head PvP action which supports up to 8 players in all. Use strategic and tactical team decisions to take down the enemy. The campaign even has an immersive plot and storyline with comical and hilarious jokes, to give the game a level of hilarity that makes it addicting just for the side splitting funny quips alone.

Depending on your class pick, you'll go through the game leveling up your character and choosing specific character attributes from different talent trees. As for the weapons, each weapon will have either elemental powers or other types of special abilities that will help against certain enemies in the game. There are seven weapons categories in all and the drop system is randomly generated so it should make for a great experience and give something to those that enjoy the grind in a game like this to find better loot. All in all, Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn definitely looks like a game worth trying out. If you've yet to at least take a look at it, you can watch the video below and see how bad ass it is.

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