Analyst: HTC Launching One Max and Butterfly 2 In Second Half of 2013


HTC has released its flagship for 2013 in the HTC One, but that doesn't mean it will stop releasing phones, even if it should. Just like it did last year when it released the flagship One X, then released several different branches of that, such as the One S and One V, the company is supposedly looking to do something very similar this year. So far, we've heard rumors of a smaller HTC One, dubbed the M4, and a bigger HTC One model, possibly codenamed the T6. We've also hear whispers of the HTC Butterfly, a flagship planned for later in 2013, possibly the successor to the DROID DNA. A new report has information about both the HTC phablet and HTC T6.

According to a new report from Alvin Kwock of J.P. Morgan Hong Kong, HTC is planning to release both the T6 and Butterfly 2 in the second half of 2013. The T6, however, will carry the name HTC One Max. The One Max is expected to have a screen that is 5.9-inches big and be nearly identical to the HTC One in every other design aspect. On the inside, the device is expected to feature a 2.2GHz processor. It's expected to run the latest version of Android, which Kwock claims will be Key Lime Pie at the time.

The analyst goes on to claim that carriers are "highly interested" in the HTC One Max because it "is the only flagship model with a uni-body casing back-cover to be released in the second half of this year." All of this falls in line with what we've heard at various other times during the past couple of months, though for all we know, every analyst could be getting the information from the same source.

As far as the HTC Butterfly 2 goes, the analyst says that the device is expected to be promoted by carriers than its predecessor was, but specs and features remain a mystery.

Kwock says both of these devices are expected to launch sometime in Q3, possibly alongside the smaller HTC One mini and the Butterfly S, though it's unclear what the Butterfly S offers. Though, considering the One S was a smaller model of the One X, the Butterfly S may be a lower-end model of the flagship Butterfly 2.

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Source: Focus Taiwan