AH Primetime: Samsung Reportedly Lost Value on the Galaxy S Line

Over the last 3-4 years, Samsung has been growing at an astounding rate. Starting with the Galaxy S back in 2010 (and there were a ton of Galaxy S variants back then). By the time the Galaxy S3 came along, most of the other brands had lost a few loyal customers. Even Apple. Who is still selling a boatload of their iPhones. But thanks to Samsung's innovation, and of course their huge marketing budget, many Apple, HTC, Motorola, LG, and even Sony loyalists have jumped ship over to Samsung.

Samsung announced the Galaxy S4 back in mid-March and the device released worldwide by the end of April. The Galaxy S4 was put on the shelves to compete with the likes of the HTC One and Xperia Z. But mostly the HTC One, since it was available in more countries and on more carriers. Many critics said that the Galaxy S4 wasn't a "real" follow-up to the Galaxy S3. Which in some parts is true. But why mess with a winning formula?

The Galaxy S4 is using the same kind of design language as the Galaxy S III, which makes the device kinda boring. In fact, all of Samsung's devices released in the past year or so have all looked relatively the same. We've heard and seen the whole "metal > plastic" argument that HTC has done on Twitter. Which is sometimes true, but the plastic is much lighter, and makes the Galaxy S4 lighter than the HTC One.

So what's Samsung's problem? Too many variants of the Galaxy S4. We just touched on this a little bit earlier today. Samsung has the Galaxy S4 in two variants. The Snapdragon 600 and Exynos 5 Octa powered Galaxy S4's. Then they brought out the Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy S4 Active and Galaxy S4 Zoom. Now we are hearing that there will be a Galaxy S4 LTE-Advanced with a Snapdragon 800 on board. So why is this a problem? Too many variants can really confuse the market. Many average consumers are going to ask themselves "Which one should I get?" So basically Samsung just killed their own unique Galaxy S brand.

Now, how can Samsung fix this? Well they could always come out with a new line. Or make the Galaxy Note line their premium line, and Galaxy S line could be everything else. After all, more and more people are buying the Note instead of the Galaxy S anyways. Samsung needs a "premium" line of devices. Not a line that has just about every device you can think of and slap "Galaxy" on it. Admittedly, it's worked really well for Samsung. But they need a premium line of phones, just like any other OEM. My vote is for them to turn the Galaxy Note line into their premium line of phones. I really love the Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy Note 8, 10.1 tablets. They are great devices and the S Pen is just amazing.

Many of us have probably done this before, but have you ever asked someone what phone they have and they say "oh its the new Galaxy". Well that doesn't really narrow it down. In fact just last week, Samsung announced 3 new Galaxy phones along with a new one this week. The important thing here is that no matter what Samsung does, they will sell millions of phones.

What do you think, should Samsung be making a premium line of phones or tablets? Or just stick with what they've been doing lately?

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