YouTube Introduces Trends Map to Show off Popular Videos


Google just introduced a new way to look at popular videos in your area. Google already offers quite a bit of detailed information and demographics about YouTube via the dashboard. A feature called the YouTube trends map is just a fun option that's recently been added.

The new feature displays trending videos across a map so you can see exactly what's popular in different areas of the world. It's kind of silly to see Alan Jackson trending in Georgia and True Blood trending in California. To be honest, Alan Jackson and the True Blood trailer for the new season are trending everywhere.


The trending videos at the time of writing this are Alan Jackson, Blake Shelton, the True Blood trailer, The Clood, Ten Things You Should Never Say to a Guy and Bad Lip Reading from the Walking Dead. I'm not entirely sure why a country music video from Alan Jackson is trending across so many parts of the country, but I'm not entirely sure I want to know either.

If you haven't seen the Bad Lip Reading videos I suggest you go check those out, they're pretty funny.

You can view trends based on demographic age, gender and more. Below the map itself, there's also a breakdown of popular videos pertaining to different ages. The YouTube developers have organized the data in a pretty unique and neat way too. It's definitely interesting to say the least.


Currently the new trends map is limited to the United States only but we may see it roll out to other countries later. YouTube has not officially confirmed it will be available anywhere else, but it would definitely be interesting to see what videos are trending in other areas of the world.

Unfortunately, you can only view the trending map and charts via a desktop so you'll have to put down the Android to check out the site. Have you played around with the new trends map yet? What do you think of the feature, will it be useful in any way? Are you surprised by any of the videos trending in your area? Let us know in the comments below!

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