X Phone Pops up in GFX Benchmarks as Motorola XT1058 – Will We See it at Google I/O or Not?

May 13, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Another day, another rumor. This one is about the Motorola XT1058 or the X Phone. We’ve heard a million different rumors about this phone. And even one of my favorite YouTuber’s MKBHD made a video/rant about the X Phone that I think many of you should check  out. There are so many rumors floating around right now, that it’s driving me crazy, I can only imagine how our readers feel about them all.

On Friday, the Motorola XT1058 for AT&T showed up at the FCC. Which means it’s the real deal. It may not be the  X Phone, but it’s a real device. Now there’s a new GFX benchmark for the XT1058 now which has gotten our attention yet again. The information we see from the benchmark shows that it’s an AT&T device based on “motorola/ghost_att/” and it also is model XT1058, with Android 4.2.2 on board and codenamed Ghost. It also shows us that the screen size is 1196×720. Which isn’t quite 720p. the processor also maxes out at 1728MHz, but doesn’t tell us what processor it is. But it’s more than likely a Snapdragon chip since the board is MSM8960.


As far as the results go, the XT1058 destroys other phones in graphics tests. Which is a good thing for those of us waiting on this device. This could very possibly be a fake benchmark. But if it is, they must have gone to a lot of trouble to fake this one. Especially since I can’t think of any other phone or device that has an 1196×720 resolution display. We’re also probably looking at a Snapdragon 600 on this one, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Snapdragon 800. Especially if it’s not launching until August.

How many of you are tired of these X Phone rumors? Are you more excited for Google I/O now? Let us know in the comments down below.

Source: GFX Benchmark

Via: Android Authority