White Nexus 4 Variant Shows Up in Hands On Video


Some rumors have surfaced that a white Nexus 4 may eventually be available. The latest indication of such comes from a hands-on video posted on YouTube earlier today. TechView.Me uploaded a quick two minute video showcasing a mysterious white variant of the Nexus 4. As you'll see in the video, just the back casing of the device is white, and it includes that same glittery finish as the black model. It seems odd that the front bezel is still adorned with a black finish, but apparently that's the design the manufacturers decided upon (it is possible that this was a custom job not done by LG).

Nothing in the video stands out as an exclusive feature, although the white variant is described as running just Android 4.2, instead of the more recent 4.2.2. It's likely the white model includes the very same internal hardware as its darker brethren, but we have no official confirmation of that information.


What we do know is that there is a white Nexus 4 floating around out there, and it's currently being demoed at a tech conference. The white Nexus 4 model was actually displayed at The Mobile Show conference in Dubai. More specifically, the unit was featured at the Qualcomm booth. That's a surefire sign that we shouldn't expect it to be commercially available any time soon. It would be much more promising if the model was being demoed by Google or LG.

Perhaps, Google will announce something during I/O over the next few days? The Nexus lineup could certainly use some new color variations. If a new set of Nexus devices is going to be revealed however, it seems silly that Google would focus on new variations of a previous gen device.

Personally, I'd love to hear some predictions from the community on this one. Do you think it was just a custom job, or do you think a white Nexus 4 will show up on retail shelves eventually?


Furthermore, what do you think of the multi-colored finish? Would you pick up a Nexus 4 in these colors if they were offered? Do you prefer the original black finish instead?


Source TechView.Me

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