Verizon Galaxy S4's Bootloader Already Beaten


Dan Rosenburg has done it again. Just a couple of weeks after defeating the AT&T Galaxy S4's bootloader he's at it again. This time the victim was Verizon Wireless's Galaxy S4. Verizon always adds all kinds of additional security measures, so getting the phone unlocked with a custom recovery flashed is always impressive. Even more so when the phone won't even be released until May 23rd.

Rosenburg will not yet be releasing the hack into the wild. Those who got their Galaxy S4s early from Verizon may get a bit antsy waiting to get flashing, but taking a measured approach is definitely warranted. Rosenburg wouldn't want to release a method that could potentially brick a phone until it has been refined.


An even more compelling reason to hold back the release is the unfortunate fact that this S4 is a Verizon phone. Verizon has frequently shown that the only updates they are capable of pushing out fast are the ones that prevent "unauthorized access" to the phones their customers purchase. In the past Verizon has even been known to hold up a phone's release to patch an early unlock method. Keeping his secrets private doesn't allow Big Red to pull that kind of dirty move.

The Galaxy S4 is poised to become the best-selling android smartphone of all time. Because of this, all kinds of attention will be paid to the device by ROM developers in the US and around the world. Getting a Verizon phone unlocked will go a long way towards ensuring that those languishing on Verizon will get access to new versions of Android speedily.

Undoubtedly this hack will be patched speedily by Verizon. This really makes me wonder why it is Verizon focuses so much on patching these methods. Wouldn't their customers benefit more from a little extra time going into their update approval process. I'm sure a little more work would let them add all their bloat in two months instead of three.


Anybody getting a Verizon Galaxy S4? Are you pumped to try to get this on your device, or do you think Verizon will block it before you get the chance? Let us know in the Comments below and go check us out on Google Plus to stay up to date on all the biggest Android News.

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