Verizon Droid DNA Promotion Points to a Possible Offering of the HTC One


There's no tiptoeing around the idea, Verizon is eventually going to offer something in place of the HTC One, but whether or not that will be a proprietary model or a different handset altogether no one knows. I'm of mind that HTC and Verizon are working to get the One available for Big Red customers, but blatant evidence of it remains to be seen.

It's a pretty spot-on assumption that Verizon will announce plans to offer the device, or an alternative at the CTIA conference in Las Vegas from May 21-23. However, at this point it all boils down to pure speculation as nothing has been confirmed in any kind of official capacity. The dates certainly coincide with many rumors we've been hearing over the past several weeks.


We may have just the evidence we need that the One will soon be added to Verizon's catalog. Verizon is now offering a pretty hefty discount on the HTC Droid DNA. More specifically, the promotion is offering a free Droid DNA if you sign a new 2 year contract. They're not exactly giving the device away though, because there are plenty of stipulations. That means there's no indication that this is a fire-sale move to clear out all stocks, but it does point to a new device incoming. Clearly the HTC One, or whatever Verizon decides to bring in, will replace the Droid DNA.

We pretty much know that something is coming, but we don't know what it is. Seeing as the One is really the only device in HTC's current lineup, we're not quite sure what else it could be either.

The Verizon DNA promotion lasts until May 21st, which is coincidentally a day before many have guessed that Verizon will be unveiling the One. Could this also be why we keep seeing a red version crop up over on the official product page?


What do you think of this news? Will you be picking up the HTC One through Verizon if it is offered? Would you much rather see another device replace the DNA? Let us know all about it in the comments below!

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