Update Coming To Google TV That Bumps It To Android 4.2.2


It's safe to say that Google hasn't given its TV operating system much attention of the recent months. Google TV never really caught on with the general public and many of its users have been waiting for an update that will make the platform compete with the likes of Roku and Apple TV. Many of those customers were hoping and wishing that Google TV would receive some attention at I/O this year, and while it didn't get any stage time during the three hour keynote, the company did surprise users with some news soon after the keynote wrapped up, and it's something that every Google TV user has been hoping for.

Following its keynote at I/O, Google announced separately that its Google TV operating system will soon be receiving a major update. The update will be available in the "coming months" and will bump the operating system to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. The update will also bring the latest version of the Chrome browser to the device. Google went on to say that this Chrome update will add support for hardware-based content protection. This means that developers will be able to offer premium video content in HD within web applications. Google calls this process "refactored Google TV," which assuming manufacturers hop on board, will allow the platform to receive updates from manufacturers in a "matter of weeks rather than months." LG has already said that its devices will be updated to Jelly Bean in Q3 of this year.



Looking ahead, Google TV should start to see regular updates for Chrome. The company says that once the initial Jelly Bean update hits, Google TV users will be recipients of the same 6-week update cycle that happens for other platforms with Chrome.

As far as new Google TV devices, the company says that new devices running the operating system will be released "later this year." Google did tout the growth of its TV platform, though. The company said that the platform has grown to include 10 device manufacturers, 5 chipset makers and 5 TV operators in 10 countries.


Google says that there are now "thousands" of apps for TV available in the Google Play Store and that Gameloft, Redbox Instant, Gui.de, Ubitus and TuneIn are all currently building apps for the platform.

Are you a Google TV user? What do you think the software needs to improve? Let us know down in the comments!

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