Two New Features for Android 4.3 Leaked by HTC


So it looks like we won’t be getting Android 5.0 at Google I/O on May 15th, but rather Android 4.3. Which is still all good, since we just want a new version of Android right? HTC has made a meetup posting for an event they are holding on Thursday, May 16th in San Francisco where HTC would provide an overview of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Open GL ES 3.0, new features which HTC describes as having “arrived” on Android. Of course, they are using the future tense in this case.

The first new feature, Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth Smart is aimed at always-on devices like heart rate monitors, key finders and multi-sensor kits. Which we’ve heard the X Phone will be always-on with Chrome. So far, a few Android devices have supported it through their own Bluetooth stack, but it’s not an official part of Android until Google’s keynote on May 15th.

Next, OpenGL ES 3.0 which is the latest mobile graphics specification and it’s currently being supported by new chips from Qualcomm. The Snapdragon 600 is the latest chip to support OpenGL ES 3.0 and we’ll be patiently awaiting new games that will take full advantage of the new API’s.

We expect Google to announce quite a few more features with Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean?). And now is the time where leaks should start popping out. So expect quite a bit more leaks and rumors coming out over the next week or so since we are less than 2 weeks away from Google I/O 2013. Don’t forget, Google is doing a 3-hour keynote on May 15th, and we’ll be covering it in-depth and breaking down all the new goodies Google has for us.

You can check out the source link below for more information. How many of you are excited to see Android 4.3 in about 10 days? Let us know in the comments below.