This Week’s Burning Question: How Are You Enjoying Google Play Music All Access?

May 23, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

During the keynote at Google I/O last week, Chris Yerga announced some changes for Google Play and in particular Google Play Music. He introduced to us their brand new streaming music service. Not only is it taking on Pandora, but it also allows you to go ahead and add music to your library and even pin it for offline listening. Now, myself and a few members of the Android Headlines staff thought that Google was drunk when this was announced. Because it was just too awesome to be true. I immediately signed up for the free trial, and I’ve been using it ever since last week and have fell in love with it. I really don’t mind paying $7.99 a month (if you sign up before June 30th, it’s $9.99 after) for All Access.

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So that leads us to this week’s burning question, what are your thoughts on Google Play Music All Access? Other than the extremely long name. I’ve been bragging about it for about a week and how much I love it. This is a big reason why I love still having unlimited data. Because All Access uses a ton of data. So let us know in the comments down below if you’re liking or not liking Google Play Music All Access. Also what would you like to see changed with the service and the app? Any bugs you’ve encountered, etc. Also, what kind of radio stations have you made? It would be awesome to see those shared within all our readers. We might see some pretty good stations out there.