The Umeox X5 Is The Latest In A Long Line Of "World's Thinnest" Smartphones

Stop me if you have heard this one before. A mobile phone manufacturer, most likely hailing from China, wants to get some good pub for an upcoming smartphone and one of the major selling points is to put the "world's thinnest" tag on it. In the past couple of months we have gotten reports for two such soon to be released handsets the Oppo R809T and it's 6.13mm thin frame as well as the 6.18mm thick Huawei Beauty, and it is almost as though you can't even leak specs for the world's thinnest device anymore without another company one upping your numbers with an even more petite model of their own not even a week later.

As you can see from the two above mentioned examples the latest battle for the moniker has been the difference of 0.05mm, so unless you are really measuring it there is barely a difference between the two. A new player to the game however wants to make a giant splash onto the seen by blowing that 6.13mm Oppo number completely out of the water.

The latest Chinese company with aims on the having the world's thinnest smartphone is Umeox. If you live in the United States odds are that you have never heard of their wares, but some of our European readers may know them from products on Thompson Mobile as well as some of their innovations like Technicolor imaging technology.

The guys over at GizChina got their hands on some photos of the upcoming Umeox handset which they are calling the X5 and boy is it thin. Coming in at just 5.6mm the Umeox X5 is 0.58mm thinner than the latest "world's thinnest" handset about to be released, which is the Huawei offering.

As you can see from the photo gallery below, this device is either wicked thin or the person holding it has giant hands but odds are it is the former. The full dimensions of the Umeox X5 are 118x60x5.6mm and other than a very vague "July" release date all we know is that the smartphone will ship running Android 4.2 out of the box.

It is always interesting to see just how thin manufacturers can make these devices but what are the ramifications? How much does the battery size suffer on these things when the body is so small? I also fear that some of these companies would rather just have some meaningless title like "world's thinnest" or something similar rather than offering a technology that is truly innovative. I guess we will find out if just being "thin" is enough to move units.

Source: GizChina

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