The "Save to Drive" Button is Coming to an Internet Near You; Does Pretty Much What You'd Expect it to do, but This is A Bigger Deal Than you Think

google unveils save to drive button for websites streamlines content delivery to cloud storage

We don’t talk about it all that often here at Android Headlines, but Google Drive (formerly Google Docs) is one of my very favorite Google services. It isn’t quite capable of replacing the Microsoft Office Suite just yet, but it is unrivaled in terms of collaboration and cloud storage options. The ability to have my documents instantly synced between my phone, tablet, laptop and desktop without bothering with different version of the same file or worrying about losing my work is invaluable to anyone who creates content for a living.

Although Google Drive is great for storing documents it has the ability to store any file that will fit into whatever space you have. This is where the “Save to Drive” button comes in. Webmasters can now add the button using just a few simple lines of HTML or they can use the JavaScript API. It is incredibly easy (at least in Chrome, I haven’t tried it in any other browsers yet) to save a file to your Drive account with a simple click. This may well be one of those small announcements that no one really thinks is a big deal, but a few months from now we may wonder how we ever lived without it.

It’s amazing that things like collaboration and file sharing, the very things the internet was created to do, can often be time-consuming and clumsy. Services like Drive and Dropbox are great, but they are relatively new. Most of us remember at time when we were in school emailing attachments to ourselves so that we could have that file on another device. I was one of those really cool and popular kids who always had a flash drive in their pockets in case I ever had a flash storage related emergency. I don’t think I ever needed storage at a moment’s notice but it just made me feel better knowing it was there.

I’m excited to start adding the “Save to Drive” button to all the sites I manage. What do you think you will use this feature for the most? Pictures? Files? Recipes? Memes? Hit us up on Google+ and let us know what you think.