T-Mobile Giving The HTC One A National Launch On Wednesday June 5th


HTC and their 2013 flagship smartphone the HTC One has easily been one of the top two or three most talked about handsets of the year. This is obviously with good reason because between the specs and the build quality there is a lot of substance to go along with the hype. That’s not to say there hasn’t been plenty of negative and oddball stories as well, one example being the manufacturer’s President and CEO Peter Chou announcing that if the device fails he would step down from one of the best jobs in mobile.

The biggest negative so far for the HTC One however has been all of the delays at getting the device to store shelves, an issue that is slowly but surely being rectified. Even with all of the supply issues, the One has still sold five million units since launch, a number that is good but still half of what HTC’s chief rival Samsung has shipped of their 2013 flagship the Galaxy S IV.

HTC will be taking another step in their game of catch up with Samsung in the next week though because the HTC One will be seeing a nationwide release on The United States’ “Uncarrier” T-Mobile on Wednesday June 5th. The One has been available on the magenta network for a while but could only be picked up in “select” stores (roughly 300 of them), and there were reports that the smartphone was impossible to find.

This means that next Wednesday prospective HTC One buyers can walk into any T-Mobile store and pick up what many have described as the best smartphone of the year thus far. The T-Mobile HTC One can be purchased on a two year installment plan after plunking down $99.99 up front. Another way to snag this handset is to buy it outright from the carrier for $579.99 but I think that a lot of people that  may consider going that route might wait for the pure Google edition of the device.

Finally if you have a non Android fan in your family or circle of friends there is also another smartphone being released on the carrier the same day, the BlackBerry Q10. While not my cup of tea (and I’m sure not many of yours) there is still a market, albeit small, for the blackberry brand.

Will any of you be hitting up your local T-Mobile brick and mortar store looking for a new phone next week? Let us know in the comments.

Source: TmoNews