Sony's CEO Confirms Xperia Z Will Be Available in the US Soon


There's a lot of great news coming out of the D11 conference. For example, earlier today we learned about an upcoming HTC One variant running stock Android 4.2.2. Of course, there's quite a bit more information coming from the conference, so I recommend hitting up our front page for more links.

Moving right along, we have more great news at least for US residents. Sony's CEO Kaz Hirai confirmed that the Xperia Z handset will be making its way to a US carrier pretty soon. Unfortunately, he didn't have much else to say about the matter so we don't know which carrier is getting it or when it will be available to consumers.


That being said, there's a lot of evidence pointing to T-Mobile. The Xperia Z did crop up in recent FCC filings with a T-Mobile compatible radio, after all. Shortly after this news first broke, David Beren from TmoNews showed off a few shots of the Xperia Z equipped with T-Mobile branding. While this is far from an official confirmation, it pretty much solidifies the assumptions. Why else would a T-Mobile branded Xperia Z crop up for no reason shortly after Hirai's statement?

Hirai says that the Xperia Z is being made available thanks to increased marketing support in the States. We've actually heard quite a bit about it, and I'm sure we've all seen those images of it getting sloshed with fluids. Compared to past efforts, Sony is definitely improving when it comes to marketing.

When more information is available you can expect us to cover it here. In the meantime, stay tuned for an upcoming review of the handset from our very own Tom Dawson. He has an Xperia Z in his hands right now, and he's performing all kinds of brutal experiments on the device [think liquids everywhere].


When the Xperia Z is finally available, will any of you pick it up? Do you have an interest in Sony's premium handsets or are you strictly rival bound? It's hard to deny the appeal of the handset, especially with that waterproof design. I happen to know a lot of people that would benefit from owning a waterproof handset.

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