Sony Xperia S39H Breaks Cover; Budget-Minded Offering from Sony


It seems that Sony is pretty busy again these days, they've just announced another version of the Xperia Z, the Xperia ZR and now it would appear that Sony is close to unveiling another budget-minded offering. Xperia-Blog have gotten their hands on what looks like a leaked image of another upcoming Xperia model, the S39H. There's not a lot known about this handset just yet but, all signs are pointing to this being a budget-minded device that's more than likely headed for China.

There's no telling just what specs might be inside of this latest Sony smartphone but, judging from the model number S39H it stands to reason that it would sit slightly above the current S36H, more commonly known as the Xperia L. If anything, it seems that Sony are getting close to running out of letter to name their smartphones. Sony use two different model number systems side-by-side, one of them being the new CXXX naming scheme we've seen for 2013 handsets and the S/M/L naming for small, medium and large smartphones for China.


It is possible that this is a smartphone destined for Europe as well, Sony offer a wide range of devices in Europe and there's nothing to suggest that 2013 is going to be any different. In fact, the company has released a number of smartphone already this year and we're not even into the second half of the year. Of course, Sony need to keep up the pressure to combat the likes of Samsung and HTC but, flooding the market with choice might not necessarily be the best way to go. Canvassing various price points is fine and all but, it is starting to feel like Sony's Xperia line-up is becoming a little muddled and confused.

What do you think? Should Sony calm things down a bit with the number of releases?

[Source: Xperia Blog]



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