Samsung Picks Up A Pair Of Patents Including One For A Flexible Tablet Display

How about we start off everyone's Monday morning with some rumors and patent talk? While these are topics that can surely be groan worthy when discussing things like the seemingly never-ending Samsung Vs. Apple litigation over patent infringement, the news today comes from the other end of the spectrum because it is about future of the industry and yet to be released devices. These patents do however involve Samsung though so it's not like we are straying too far off the reservation.

The first of the patents awarded to the South Korean manufacturer by the United States Patent and Trademark Office pertains to what Samsung is calling "Tablet Computer." This is a concept where there appears to be some kind of case with a handle built right into the tablet itself. One can only speculate as to who this would be marketed towards but for me I see these things being used on the subway by business people for some reason. It will also be interesting to see how something like this would differ from a "regular" tablet sporting one of the various cases that can be picked up on Amazon or eBay in just about every design and color.

It is the second tablet that gives us a look as to where Samsung would like to take the mobile computing industry going forward. In this patent that was also granted by the USPTO we see what looks to be something that we have heard rumors of time and time again, the flexible display.

Dubbed the "Tablet PC" by Samsung we get to see just how far their vision goes with regards to flexible displays. From the design it is clear that users are supposed to fold the bottom of the screen, giving them some extra usable real estate possibly for a keyboard. If nothing else the folded portion would make a nice little kick stand but it's doubtful that would be all the company has planned for the product.

We are entering an interesting time in mobile because device specifications can only be pushed so far before they become nothing more than empty stats. The next wave of devices will feature "gimmicky" features like foldable displays etc, but one man's gimmick is another man's can't live without advancement though, and if the quality is good people will buy these things.

Source: PatentBolt

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