Samsung Galaxy S4: Navigating Through the Settings App

galaxy s4 settings

With the Galaxy S4, Samsung changed up the settings app a bit. Which makes it a bit confusing when you first open it up. They’ve divided up different menus into tabs along the top. So today we’re going to walk you through each tab, hopefully making it easier for every user (both new users and seasoned Android users). The Settings app has four tabs, those are Connections, My Device, Accounts, and More. We’re going to take each one individually and go through them.


2013-05-12 15.26.59

Inside this tab you can access your Wi-Fi  and Bluetooth settings along with checking your data usage. You can also find Airplane Mode, hotspot/tethering and mobile network settings along with the VPN settings for your device. There’s also settings for NFC, S Beam, Nearby devices/DLNA, Screen Mirroring and Kies Wi-Fi settings. There are on/off toggles for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, and S Beam in this tab.

My Device

2013-05-12 15.27.03

Under My device, there’s probably the most settings out of all the tabs. We’ve got your lock screen, display, LED indicator, sound, homescreen mode, calls, blocking mode, power saving mode, accessory, accessibility, language and input, Motions and gestures, smart screen, air view and Voice control settings. In addition there are toggles for Voice Control, Air View, Power Saving Mode and Blocking Mode. Like I said, this one has the most settings.


2013-05-12 15.27.09

This one is pretty self explainatory. But it basically has all your accounts, along with a link to add a new one, and backup and reset your device. Pretty simple tab.


2013-05-12 15.27.16

Under more we just have settings, no toggles. There are settings for Location Services, security, application manager, battery, storage, date and time, developer options, and about device.

As you use your Galaxy S4 more and more you’ll get used to how the settings app is laid out now. It’s certainly different than the settings app on most other devices, but it does work quite well.