Red and Blue Versions of HTC One to Arrive Soon

I've been waiting for this for a long time - we're finally going to get an Android phone that has a really nice and bright color, much like WP8 phones have seen in the past year or so. I've never understood why Android manufacturers have been so shy when it came to picking colors. It's not too long ago when most of them were even too "shy" to release a white model of their devices. A couple of years ago you could barely choose any color on an Android phone that wasn't black or close to black (no, Galaxy S3's "pebble-blue" doesn't count either).

I'm glad this is finally starting to change, and we're starting to see more bold colors from Android OEM's for their phones. Pocket-lint is reporting that HTC is set to launch a blue version of HTC One, alongside another version that is red, which has been seen before. Personally, I much prefer the Galaxy S4 Active red, than the HTC One red, but I've wanted a blue phone for a while, and if the blue HTC One is anything like what Pocket-lint is showing in its image, I think that's a pretty nice color, and something I would get.

The red version of the HTC One appeared on HTC's US website, and later on the website of a UK retailer, so it's pretty much guaranteed to exist, but according to these rumors the blue one will be launching at the same time with the red one, within a few months from now. The question now is if they will make all the color options available to every carrier, or will they split them up by carrier. That seems like a pretty likely scenario, and not something most consumers will appreciate.

Ideally, all these color options would be available at each carrier, and they would all launch at the same time, not 6 months later when people have already forgotten about the phone, and are interested in something more recent. Of course, that's exactly why OEM's do that, because they want to give a jolt to their sales a few months after launch, but I think this is short term thinking here, and is done only to benefit the company more, and the consumers less. If they offered them from day one, then even more consumers would be interested in that device, so in the long term it's probably the better strategy.

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