Quick Look at Air View & Air Gesture on the Samsung Galaxy S4

DSC 0126

As we continue our coverage on the Samsung Galaxy S4, we thought we’d take a moment and show off Air View and Air Gesture on Samsung’s new flagship device. Now these features were found on the Galaxy Note 2, but they have been tweaked and add a bit more features to these features in the Galaxy S4.

Air View


This feature on the Galaxy S4 allows you to to hover your finger over different elements and see whats inside. For instance, with the Gallery you can hover your finger over a album and see what it contains. You can also hover over text messages to see what your contact said without having to open it. It also works in a few other apps like the stock browser and the dialer. But the place you’ll use it most often is in the Gallery. I know I use it there all the time.

Air Gesture


Air Gesture lets you do different gestures over the screen without touching it. You can wave your hand to answer a call, move shortcuts or calendar events to other pages, move between pictures, pages or music tracks in their respective apps, scroll web pages with screen-sized jumps and my favorite quick glance. When your phone is laying down on a table or another flat surface, wave your hand over it and it shows your missed calls, texts, battery percentage, time, and notifications. I use that feature all day long, even by mistake. It’s honestly one of my favorite features on the Galaxy S4, and yes I know it was on the Galaxy Note 2 as well. But it’s a bit more refined on the Galaxy S4.


We’ll be continuing our coverage of the Galaxy S4 over the next couple of weeks, and we have lots more coming your way. So you’ll want to stay tuned. If you have any questions about the Galaxy S4, be sure to leave them in the comments down below.