Possible Galaxy Camera Successor Gets Bluetooth Certification


There's been a number of rumors floating around concerning some more Android camera developments from Samsung and it's beginning to look like Samsung is readying its successor to the Galaxy Camera. SamMobile uncovered a rumor that Samsung could be working on another edition of the Galaxy S 4 called the Zoom, that would pack a 16MP sensor and a 4.3-inch display to deliver a quality photographic experience in a smartphone.

There's a different rumor coming from Hi-Tech Mail that suggests the device will only a feature a 10x optical zoom rather than the 21x from the previous model. So there's no telling just what Samsung are up to. We had heard the model number of SM-C1010 before and now, it's just gone through the Bluetooth SIG, which confirms the device's existence at the very least.


While the idea of a smartphone with not only some serious optics and a stunning image sensor sounds very appealing, we're not sure it's something Samsung would go after. Sure, they've tried some pretty crazy things in the past, this is the company that put a projector into an Android after all. However, Samsung will want to keep the Galaxy S branding for devices that are of high-end and bring with them all the features that Samsung is known for. Delivering a mediocre smartphone with a mediocre camera on the back of it doesn't sound like something Samsung would do.

To us, this looks more like Samsung tweaking the original Galaxy Camera to make it more affordable and perhaps a little more pocketable. The idea of bringing Android along for the ride when creating a high-end point and shoot was a sound one but, it was a little too expensive and didn't quite perform up to its pricing. Sure, lowering the screen size and shortening the focal length might not sound like a great idea but if Samsung are looking to make the Galaxy Camera 2 a real commercial success perhaps that's what they need to do.

[Source: Engadget]

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