#Pixel30DayChallenge: Week 2 Update


Continuing in my Chromebook Pixel 30 Day Challenge or #Pixel30DayChallenge, this is my second weekly update. For those that missed last week's we had several great questions from our readers. Basically the #Pixel30DayChallenge I'm using it as my main computer for these 30 days, instead of my desktop. Each week, I update our readers on how it's going and any obstacles I've ran into. I'm also answering questions from our readers.

So this week, I haven't had any real obstacles. But I have noticed that the Pixel makes me do more work than my desktop does. I don't know if its how great the display is, or how great the keyboard is, or the lack of games distracting me from getting stuff done. So if you have any questions about the Pixel, shout them out in the comments down below.


Questions from our Readers

Jon Leach: Could my windows using grandmother pick a Pixel up and feel somewhat at home?

Depends, what does she do on Windows? If she's always in the browser, then she'll be good. Chrome OS is very easy to learn. It's just like using Chrome except you now have a file manager that isn't in the browser.

Robert Ortega: How you like the keyboard?


Love it. I always loved the chiclet style keyboards. It's the one thing I love about Macs lol

Terry LeeIs it distracting to use the touchscreen?  Is it responsive?  How is it out in the sunlight?  Is it worth the price tag (differ much from the Samsung Chromebook, other than touchscreen)?  If was traveling from New York City with a Pixel at 150 miles an hour, and my friend was traveling  from San Francisco with a Macbook Air at 100 miles an hour, and my other friend was traveling from New Orleans with Windows 8 Ultrabook at 75 miles an hour, who would reach awesomeness first?

Not really distracting, but awkward to me. It's very responsive (software update fixed that) It works great outside since the screen is crazy bright, around 400 nits. There's a huge difference between the Pixel and Samsung Chromebook. Luckily I have both right here 🙂 The extra RAM and more powerful CPU definitely helps.


Rafael Martinez: Is it worth the $?

At this point, I'd have to say no. But if you use Google Drive a lot, and would use 1TB of Google Drive space, then it is worth the money.

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