Nvidia's Tegra 4 Put Through AnTuTu Benchmark; Apparently Running on Project Shield


Benchmarks, benchmarks, benchmarks. Love 'em or hate 'em, they've become a feature of the Android landscape and it seems that a new benchmarking tool is released every minute. Regardless of whether or not you feel they really do reflect a piece of hardware's performance, they do test what the hardware is theoretically capable of, after all it is what they're designed to do. Nvidia's Tegra 4 has been somewhat of an enigma, it was announced to much fanfare at this year's CES and since then…nothing. There's not been a single device, tablet or otherwise, to hit shelves with a Tegra 4 CPU. Contrast that to the Snapdragon 600 (also announced at CES) which is running the HTC One, the Optimus G Pro and of course, the Galaxy S 4. Compared to that, it looks as though Nvidia are facing a problem or two.

Now, though, it looks like the Tegra 4 is out there somewhere in the wild, taking down AnTuTu benchmark scores. The Tegra 4 has been sighted posting a score of 32,150 in AnTuTu, which is a sizable improvement over the 25,000 or so that the Galaxy S 4 posts in AnTuTu. Project Shield was the device carrying the CPU, which you might remember from CES as well, strangely enough, we haven't heard much of anything concerning Nvidia's handheld game console either.



These scores should be taken with a grain of salt, they're easily faked and it would strike me as a little odd that Nvidia would stay quiet for so long and then benchmark the device on AnTuTu. We're sure that Nvidia have their own benchmarking tools in-house to determine whether or not their Tegra 4 cuts it. It's encouraging to hear anything about the Tegra 4 at this point, we've heard so little about it that it that we'd all but given up hope of seeing something with a Tegra 4 launch before the holiday season.

On a personal note, I'm a big fan of Nvidia's hardware, their graphics cards have been powering my PC rigs for years now and I really hope that the Project Shield launches soon, at a reasonable price. I can't help but feel it might be a little too late for Nvidia and the Tegra 4, they're already looking forward to the Tegra 5 and while it might too soon to call it, I think Qualcomm might have 2013 all sewn up. What do you think?


[Via: PhoneArena]

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