LG Working With Google on the Next Generation Nexus Phone?

For LG, Q4 2012, and Q1 2013 have been pretty big quarters. Mostly to do with the fact that they made the Nexus 4 which has been in high demand for quite a while now. In fact at one point shipping time reached 12 weeks. It's not that LG is a bad OEM or anything, but many people have had bad experiences with their hardware. Then again, name a manufacturer that someone hasn't had a bad experience with? LG has introduced some rather cool features in the last year or so. They've even beaten Samsung to the punch with a few things. Now it looks like Google is going back to LG for the next generation Nexus phone.

The Korea Times reported that both companies are working on the next Nexus handset, which we'd believe to be the Nexus 5. Now given the time that this report surfaced, it's probably safe to say that development is in the final stages and mass manufacturing should begin in another month or two, so they can be ready for the fall. The interesting thing here is where the X Phone (or X Fon) fits into this. Will Google make two different product lines? One with their own OEM, Motorola, and keeping the Nexus line? This could become quite interesting.

We don't have all the details yet, but reports are surfacing that Google plans to launch just one device at Google I/O in a little over a week. That one device, we are all expecting to be the next generation Nexus 7, probably with ASUS and running some kind of Snapdragon processor.

You can still expect Android Headlines to cover Google I/O in great detail, which kicks off on May 15th. There will be plenty of goodies coming out of Google I/O so you'll definitely want to stay tuned. How many of you are as excited for Google I/O as we are?


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