LG Unveils the Waterproof LG Optimus GJ in Taiwan, Bring on the Flood of Ruggedized Handsets


Waterproof devices are becoming more prominent in the mobile industry , and for good reason too. How many countless times have we heard of folks dropping their smartphone in a body of water or falling into one with a phone in their pocket?

Today, LG introduced the Optimus GJ their first high-end foray into the waterproof smartphone world. Essentially, LG took the Optimus G (E975) and slapped a waterproof design onto it, relabeling it as the GJ (E975W).


Problem is, the device was only unveiled in Taiwan and there's no mention of a US release. Will we see LG's waterproof handset here in States? In fact, there's a chance LG may not even release the device in international markets, let alone the US.

As for the Optimus GJ, it's slightly larger than its predecessor and thicker too. That's acceptable though, because with the IPX7 certification the device can stay underwater up to one meter for a total of 30 minutes. That's not bad at all, especially if you want to snap some images of your snorkel dive with your smartphone. Don't lie, you know you've wished for a waterproof smartphone at least some time during your life- just imagine some of the killer Instagram shots you would be able to capture.

For specs, the Optimus GJ is packing nearly the same hardware as the G:

  • 4.7-inch IPS HD display
  • Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor
  • 2GB of installed RAM
  • 16GB of internal storage with MicroSD expansion slot
  • 13MP rear facing camera
  • Bluetooth 4.0 functionality
  • 2,280mAh battery

According to ePrice, the Optimus GJ will be available starting in June for $17,990 TWD (which is about $600). There will be two color variants available at launch, one adorned in all black and the other with a combination of black and red.

LG Optimus GJ Models

The handset sure does look pretty attractive! Yes, I'm definitely talking about the handset, but those ladies are quite dashing.


Sony got the ball rolling in regards to waterproof devices with their Xperia Z, and soon the Xperia ZR. Samsung is gearing up to release the Galaxy S4 Active, a rugged waterproof version of their flagship the Galaxy S4. If the Active does well here in the States then we'll probably see a lot more ruggedized and waterproof devices in the near future.

Bring on the flood (oh yes, that pun was definitely intended).

Source: ePrice Via: Unwired View