LG Looking to Bring "Unbreakable Displays" To Market With Their Flexible OLED Tech


No matter how many iterations of Gorilla Glass we seem to get through, we always end up with reports of broken displays on new devices and this is something that LG are looking to stop. Or at least, they're going to be capitalizing on it from a marketing standpoint when they're ready to ship their flexible OLED displays. Flexible OLED is something that we've been hearing about for some time now and while most of this news has been coming from Samsung with their "Youm" technology LG have been readying their own implementation for some time now. LG Display, the side of things that deals with screens and such, is reported to be working on Flexible OLED displays that will lead to LG shipping "Unbreakable Displays".

The Korea Times are reporting that LG are looking to "take the lead over rivals in the race for next-generation displays" and we have no doubt that they're talking about Samsung here. If LG were to perfect their flexible OLED tech before Samsung, then it could mean big things for LG, getting one up over Samsung has never been their strong suit and if they do it with such a high-profile feature they could be on to something.


LG don't seem to have lofty aspirations when it comes to OLED displays here, they're not predicting the future of mobile devices or anything, which is good and if it can truly lead to something like an "unbreakable display" then we are all for it. The question is how such a system would work, there's always going to be a sheet of glass in front of that display for touch and protection, which is inevitably going to break. Will we see a system where replacing the glass will be easier and cheaper on LG phones? Or will LG be placing it all together in one display? If so, they'd have to go a long way indeed to securing "unbreakable" glass.

What do you think about the future of display technologies, is flexible OLED the way to go?

[Source: Korea Times]

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