Leak: Which HTC Devices Getting Updated to Android 4.3

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Well Android 4.3 hasn’t even been announced yet, but HTC seems to have a list of devices that will get updated to Android 4.3 in Q4 of this year. You can see the full list above. There are a few devices that won’t be getting updated, but those aren’t really a surprise, at least to me they aren’t. Some of those not getting updated include the HTC One S, HTC Desire V, Desire X, Hero, Incredible S and Desire Z. Most of these are older mid-range devices. The HTC Hero is one of HTC’s older Android devices, I’m not even sure it’s getting updated to Android 4.0.

To no real surprise, the HTC One, One X+, One X, Jewel, One VX, Valenta, Butterfly, Desire HD and One XL are all getting updated to Android 4.3. What’s interesting on this list is the HTC Fireball (Verizon) listing. That one appears to be a device that has not yet been announced or released. Mainly because it has no information about an update or release date for the update. Maybe this is HTC’s next Verizon flagship?

What’s good about all of this, is HTC is looking to get these updates out in Q4. That’s a huge difference compared to what we’ve seen with updates to previous HTC devices. Hopefully HTC can get all these updates out in Q4 or even earlier. I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone complain that an update was available before it was supposed to be, unless it was very buggy.

For those of you with HTC devices, do you see your device listed above? Is it getting the Android 4.3 update? I wonder when Google will officially announce Android 4.3? Hopefully it’s sooner rather than later. Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

Source: Technos Amigos