Larry Page Jokes: "Robert, I really didn't appreciate the shower photo"


Apparently, Larry Page has some funnies up his sleeve. On stage, just before he closed the Google I/O keynote, he took a friendly swing at his colleague Robert Scoble.

Scoble hopped on stage to talk about Google Glass. Before he had the chance to say much, Page jokingly said:


"Robert, I really didn't appreciate the shower photo." 

Just in case you don't know what he's talking about. Scoble posted a picture of himself in the shower wearing Google Glass, along with the following caption:

"You thought I was kidding when I said I would never take them off."


It's all fun and games until someone starts to cry. Scoble must have thick skin because luckily, he just laughed it off. It was a funny moment indeed, but Page certainly has a point.

Did anyone really need to see that photo Scoble? Personally, I cluck my tongue every time I see it. That's a $1,500 pair of equipment being slathered in water. Mind you, I'm sure it still works, but still that's rather silly etiquette coming from a Google employee. Then again, if you can't have at least a little fun then what good is social media, right?

Clearly, Scoble just meant to say that he loved Glass so much he was never going to take his own pair off. Get your mind out of the gutter, you know exactly what I meant there.


What do you think about Page's joke? What do you think about Scoble's original photo? Would you take Glass in the shower with you?

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