Infographic: Used Galaxy S4 is Worth More Than an iPhone 5, but the iPhone Still Dominates the Secondary Market

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We have another fascinating infographic from our friends over at CompareMyMobile.com As a company that handles a massive volume of used smartphone trade-ins every year, these guys have a unique perspective on the secondary market for a plethora of devices. The information below shows the effect of a new device going on sale on the value of an iPhone vs the value of Android smartphones; as well as a big picture view of the secondary market for iPhones vs Android devices.

It is clear that although Android devices are retaining their value better than ever, the iPhone is still the smartphone that holds it’s value the best. This might be surprising to some of you since Android has a 75% global market share. If Android is so much more popular than the iOS, then why are Apple devices more valuable?

My guess is that there are several factors. The first isn’t something that most Android fans want to admit, but let’s face it: the iPhone is a well made device. If you were to put Android on an iPhone and get rid of that ridiculous hardware button that Apple refuses to relinquish you would have a pretty amazing phone in your hands. The screen on the iPhone is pretty fragile, but other than that the device holds up to wear and tear fairly well. Apple also has an extremely strong brand. Because of years of brilliant marketing and despite Apple’s recent woes the Apple brand is still one of the most valuable on the planet. It blows my mind sometimes but the reality is that some people just want to own an iPhone, and buying a used one is a cheap way to do that.

The good news is that Android devices are surging in value right now. The Galaxy line of devices is especially doing well, and as other Android manufacturers step up their game to compete with Samsung, I expect this trend will accelerate.

There is a lot of fascinating data in the graphic below. What numbers and figures jump out at you? If you find any interesting trends jump on over to Google+ and let us know what you found.


Apple-VS-Android Trade-Ins-W800