In the Future, Glass May Operate Independently from a Smartphone- Sort of


As it stands, Google Glass is really just an elaborate extension of your smartphone. Sure, it can do a lot but some features require you to be paired with a smartphone in order to use them. Even basic functions like taking advantage of turn-by-turn navigation or text messaging require an active connection.

According to an unnamed Google employee, Glass will eventually be able to operate independently whether it's paired to a smartphone or not.


In a recent report, writer Frederic Lardinois from Techcrunch explicitly said:

"Glass will soon be able to handle these features independent of the device the user has paired it to (and maybe even independent of the Glass companion app)."

Essentially, that means Glass may not require an active Bluetooth connection in the future, and it's possible you'll even be able to use the platform without the Glass companion app. Unfortunately, Glass will still need to piggyback some kind of connection to the internet. Furthermore, even though Glass has a built in compass there's no integrated GPS radio. That means it will still need to connect to your smartphone in order to obtain the proper location data. If Bluetooth is not necessary, then it stands to reason the connection will also be supported through some kind of tethering feature or mobile hotspot connectivity.


Then again, all of this information just boils down to pure speculation at this point. Word from a single Google employee is hardly a guarantee from the company itself. You never know, this may just be a case of one employee overstepping their boundaries thus talking about something they cannot accurately confirm.

One particular thing that irks me, and it always will, is how much the tech blog and journalism industry relies on simple rumors for regular content. I'm getting slightly off topic now though, as that's a different matter entirely.

Back to Glass, what do you think of this news? Are you okay with the current setup of Glass? It looks like any way you strip it down, you'll still have to rely on a connection to a smartphone for something. Maybe Google will update Glass to include the necessary hardware for independent operation in the future, but I doubt it will happen anytime soon.


Source: TechCrunch

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