iFixit Tears Down the OUYA, Lays Out Innards for All To See


I think at this point it's safe to say that the OUYA is pretty popular, wouldn't you agree? I'm sure we'll hear plenty more about it over the next few months as the official launch is coming soon. Over the time we spent covering the device here at Android Headlines we've learned a lot about the console, but there is one thing that has yet to be seen- the innards.

Well, iFixit has decided to tear down the infamous Android console and give us a look at its birthday suit or -erm shell. Of course, if you own the developer edition of the OUYA then you've already seen the insides of the console, as it includes a transparent plastic casing. The rest of us however, have not seen the components so try not to spoil it for us, will ya?


Unsurprisingly, iFixit has deemed the OUYA as a considerably simple piece of equipment to take apart. In fact, the OUYA received an overall repairability rating of 9 out of 10 (10 being the highest possible). According to iFixit, the entire device and its internal components are easy to access. In addition, standard Phillips and hex screwdrivers can be used to take the OUYA apart.

iFixit OUYA Teardown

Even though the console is relatively moddable, it appears that the heatsink for the Tegra 3 processor was soldered in place. That means replacing the thermal paste and using the processor for additional mods is going to be very difficult. That being said, iFixit has found that everything else in regards to the internal components is modular.


I'm always intrigued by these teardowns, because it clearly flares up the geekiness in me. I'd prefer to see stuff like this happening to a device, instead of the whole "does it blend" idea. I'm not very fond of destroying expensive devices for recreation- it makes me cringe.

Getting back on track, iFixit also found four metal plates tucked away at the bottom of the console. It appears the plates are designed to keep the console grounded, or weighed down. It makes sense, seeing as the OUYA is relatively small in comparison with other gaming consoles.

Hit the source link below to see the full teardown, more screenshots and of course to read plenty more information about the upcoming Android console.


Source iFixit

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