HTC Brings in $660 Million worth in Revenue for Month of April; Is This Down to the One?


It seems there is more interest in HTC's earnings than anyone else's right now, after all they are company that while not in dire straits, they aren't doing as well as they have been. With HTC banking so much on the One, it's natural for the press to see how they're faring with their new flagship having finally launched. After posting their worst quarterly results in history, it's about time some good news came out of the company, and it looks like the One might be taking effect. The company has just published unaudited results for April, and they've taken in $660 Million in revenue.

This is surely a sign that the One is starting to take effect, especially when it comes to the company's financials. We should note, however that this is still miles behind the $1.2 Billion revenue it posted last April. This is more than likely due to the fact that the US has yet to see the One on shelves for much of April, as the device was delayed due a shortage of components. HTC are obviously hoping that the One keeps on building steam to help them meet their Q2 target of $2.73 Billion revenue.


The One is without doubt a great device – you can read our review here, and enter our AT&T giveaway here – but is it enough to keep the money coming in while Samsung's Galaxy S 4 is launching worldwide as well? It's going to be an interesting few months as HTC and Samsung pit their two flagships against each other, especially when you consider that HTC have a lot resting on the One's shoulders.

Overall, it seems like the One is starting to have an effect, and we should see more positive numbers come out of the company by Q2 but, whether or not they reach their target of $2.73 Billion in revenue is still up in the air right now.

[Source: HTC]

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