HTC Asia CEO, Lennard Hoornik Latest Exec to Depart HTC



Earlier today, we reported that HTC were facing difficulties from the inside, with a number of high-profile Execs leaving the company, and not in a particularly good light either. In fact, one of those that recently departed the company, Eric Lin, who has now headed over to Microsoft has encouraged those still working at HTC to do the same:




Now, CNet are reporting that the head of HTC's Asian operations, Lennard Hoornik has left the company as well. It's said that this has come after a two-month absence, which is a little strange in and of itself. There's a chance that Hoornik was pushed from his position because of this long period of absence but, regardless it continues the trend of execs leaving the company at a rate that is certainly not normal. HTC Asia CFO Chia-Lin Chang will be taking over until a proper replacement has been found.


Hoornik came to the company from Sony Ericsson and it'll be interesting to see where he ends up, Eric Lin is now busy making "Skype awesome on Android" and there's a good chance that Hoornik will end up working for Microsoft as well. Of course, we can't speak for Microsoft's hiring practices but, they've already hired Eric Lin and Rebecca Rowland (who was HTC's global retail marketing manager) so it stands to reason that Microsoft have their eye on departing talent from HTC.

The Taiwanese company seems to be in more trouble than wee all first thought. Sure, the company is not losing money – yet – as they did manage to turn a very small profit in Q1 of this year but, no company can go on for long without key talent that they seem to be bleeding right now. Of course, HTC is also a secretive company, Peter Chou himself is often unhappy with how the Press reacts to things. This could mean that some sort of a shake-up is going on at HTC, which some could say has long been overdue.

On a personal note, I'm a big fan of HTC's and I hope they turn things around and return to form. What about you, do you think that HTC can bring things around?


[Source: CNet]

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