Google's Services Experience Some Minor Issues as Babel Launch Grows Ever Closer


It's been obvious for a while that Google needs some kind of messaging platform to bridge the gap between all of their services. There are so many different platforms, and there is no cross platform offering between them all. When information about Babel leaked a little while back, people were excited but not quite so surprised.

Over the past couple weeks though it seems like Google's services have been experiencing a few issues across the board. It's no wonder either, since Google is rolling functionality of various platforms into one convenient location. Babel will combine Google Talk, Hangout, Google Voice, Google+ Messenger and maybe even more all into one platform. It's not a leap to think that such a task would cause heavier loads on Google's normal services.


We've also witnessed quite a few crash reports that mentioned Google's Babel. In part, this is one of the biggest reasons we know that Babel is on its way. It's been causing quite a bit of fuss for Google lately, even more so over the past week.

Users have reported a plethora of issues with Google's services. Apparently, some have been frequently logged on and off of the Google Talk desktop app, others have had their Google Voice calls drop more frequently, and some SMS messages are not being delivered until hours later. Interestingly enough, in some instances Google Hangouts are triggering Google Voice calls and vice versa.

This is all happening just a week before Google I/O, go figure. That suggests the fact that Google is diligently working to get Babel in tip top shape before the big conference next week. After all, they probably want to unveil the new service in proper working order.


Don't fret. Google's services may be experiencing some issues at the moment but the wrinkles will eventually be ironed out. When that happens, Google will roll out the platform in waves, and everyone will be able to enjoy a brand spanking new Google messaging service. Again, a lot of this is just speculation so keep that in mind.

Are you excited about Google Babel? Are you ready to see what a new universal messaging service from Google can do? What are you most excited for about Google I/O next week?

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