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Google has acknowledged that Google Wallet chief Osama Bedier left the company today saying, "We can confirm that Osama Bedier has decided to leave Google this year to pursue other opportunities," said spokesman Nate Tyler. "He's achieved a lot during his time here and we wish him all the best in his next endeavor. Payments are a big part of what people do everyday and we're committed to making them easier for everyone."


While NFC is notoriously hard to come by in much of the US, here in the Midwest I actually find stores that accept the service quite frequently. Which is weird, as the Midwest is not exactly famous for its technological adeptness. Even our regional supermarket chain, Meijer, has installed NFC compatible credit card machines at all their checkouts. NFC purchases through wallet are absolutely awesome so I won't question why our area is so lucky.

NFC through Google Wallet is probably the number one feature I can show my iOS loving friends and instantly make their jaws drop. You can wax poetic all day about Android's superior customization and features. Nothing will impress them quite like paying for stuff by smacking your phone into a register. Disclaimer, don't actually smack your phone into the register. The cashier will be very confused.

I find it rather disheartening that the man in charge of all this Near Field goodness is stepping down. However, I understand why he would wish to "pursue other opportunities." Google Wallet is being hamstrung at every turn by a large number of adversaries. You have credit card companies threatening additional fees, Paypal trying to sue you into submission and of course Verizon couldn't help but stomp their bloodshot feet down. In addition to Big Red's ISIS payment system, a direct competitor to Wallet, they've blocked Google's service from all their devices. Will Verizon ever stop being a hindrance to Android?


I hope whoever Google selects to head Wallet will be willing to be a little more aggressive in getting carriers to play nice. Android is a huge money maker for them, particularly Verizon, and there isn't really a reason why they can be so controlling. More store partners would also be appreciated, especially in the areas that are particularly poorly serviced currently. Who knows maybe NFC won't take off until Apple finally gets off its non-innovating butt and includes it in the iPhone 6s or whatever. As much as it pains me to admit it, Apple definitely does a better job getting businesses to partner with it.

Does Google's timidness frustrate you? Are you happy with the service, or is it blocked on your device? Let us know in the comments down below! Good luck to Bedier, hopefully he can have a more successful run elsewhere.

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