Google Unveils New IDE Android Studio, Great News for Android App Developers Everywhere

Android Studio

During the Google I/O keynote, Google announced a brand new Android dev environment called Android Studio. Not everything about the new IDE was announced or talked about today, which means we’ll find out a little more about Android Studio over the coming weeks.

The real focus with Android Studio is to make app development for the platform more convenient. Studio includes a plethora of tools to work with both smartphones and tablets alike. That means there are a ton of device emulators so developers can test out your app on various devices before making it available to the masses. Eventually, Google services will be integrated with the environment, as well.

Developers will be able to see any application changes in realtime, allowing them to immediately test out any new visual additions to an app and more.

Hugo Barra, VP of Android product management said “this is just scratching the surface of the all new features in Android Studio.”

Of course, Google also previewed a new development console for Google Play. It allows developers to track revenue, setup beta tests, view usage metrics and more. Essentially, it’s an all-encompassing hub for Android app development.

This is great news for everyone, not just developers. It’s likely we’ll see these new changes affect future Android apps, as developers will soon be able to produce even better stuff with Android Studio.

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Image Source: The Next Web