Google to Finally Let us Sync App Data Across Devices?


For years Android users from across the world have asked Google to provide a service similar to iCloud backup. Sadly all we have is a service that will re install all the apps you had on a previous phone or tablet etc. While this is certainly useful, it is always a huge pain to lose all of your game saves, app data and pictures if your phone is broken or stolen.

Updates to settings menus everywhere indicate that we may finally be getting our syncing service. Simply go into your account settings, open sync settings and a brand new "app data" sync setting appears right on top. Based on the timing of this update, the new service will probably be explained at Google I/O. I can't wait for this keynote!

Now don't get overly excited for this just yet. The setting could simply be for the rumored Google Play Games Service, long thought to be debuted at I/O. However, "App Data" sync seems to be far too general of a name. If the setting was really related to the Games service it probably would've been titled something more along the lines of "game sync."


As further proof this goes beyond just games, an additional setting can be found within the sync settings called "People Details." This is completely separate from the pre-existing calendar sync. I don't really see how this could be related to the Google Play Games Service, unless Google is planning on having some sort of friends list like PlayStation Network or Xbox Live. Something that would be a massive undertaking, and is extremely unlikely.

If this new service really does back-up the entirety of your device's data, then it would probably put the myriad services that have sprung up to provide backups out of business. While this is unfortunate, most of those services are clunky at best. Almost all of them require root access, something many Android users never bother with.

Speaking of root access this will be a huge boon for those of us who enjoy flashing the occasional custom ROM. We could finally bypass the aforementioned workarounds. Just connect your phone or tablet to a network and after a couple hours of syncing, boom! You have your device's apps back just the way you like them!


Are you all excited for this possibility? Or do you think this setting a sign of something else entirely? Let us know in the comment section down below and make sure to stay with us for all our Google I/O coverage!

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