Google Releases Admin App on Android For Google Apps Administrators


Google Apps has grown to be an incredibly popular platform for administrators who have to manage emails, calendars, and so on for users, and today, the already easy to use platform got even easier. Google has released a new Android app for administrators of Google Apps accounts. The app, dubbed Google Admin, is available now for free on Google Play.

The company says that Google Admin allows administrators to easily perform simple tasks, such as resetting passwords, adding and removing users, managing group memberships, and directly emailing and calling users. Essentially, Google says the app is designed to allow administrators to perform the  "most common tasks" with ease. specifically, Google says the app is designed for super admins of Enterprise products including Google Apps for Business, Education, Government, Google Coordinate and Chromebooks.

  • Create and manage users, reset passwords, edit profiles, upload profile photos, and suspend users.
  • Manage groups, add users to groups, edit user roles, list group members.
  • Contact Support for Google Apps for Business with Customer and Support PINs.
  • Review account activities in the audit log, and filter events by event type or admin/date ranges.

Google does point out that due to the amount of information stored in an admin's Google Apps account, someone who gets ahold of your phone could cause a real mess by using the Google Admin app. Because of this, the company advises people who install the app to have a strong password set on your phone. "Prior to installing this app we recommend that you set a strong lockscreen password on your device," Google advises.


The app is compatible with all devices running Android 2.3.3 and up, though it does require that API access to be enabled for the Apps account you will be administrating.


Recently, Google has been doing all it can to make life easier for Google Apps administrators. Earlier this month, the company announced an interface improvement to the Admin console for Google Apps that made it much easier to use.

Early reviews of the Google Admin app seem overall positive, so be sure to install it if you are a Google Apps administrator and let us know what you think down in the comments!