Google Play Games Outed in Eufloria HD Update; To Include Achievements


With pretty much no time left at all until the Google I/O keynote kicks off, you'd think that all of the leaks were finally over and done with, right? Ha ha, of course not. There's always room for another leak, this is Google I/O after all. This year though, Google have kept a pretty tight ship, sort of. We've heard a few whispers about Google Play Games and it's been leaked a number of times before, including in the My Glass app which was a pretty blatant slip up from Google.

Now though, we've gotten some pretty solid confirmation from the game developer of Eufloria HD. A very recent update has just gone live in the Play Store and, if you were take a look at the "What's New" tab, well, take a look below:


Fullscreen capture 15052013 163542.bmp


That's right, not only has "Google Play Games" been outed but, also the fact that this new service will include achievements. It's thought that a lot of the main complaints when it comes to gaming on Android are going to be addressed by Google Play Games. We don't know what Google are going to include in the new service but, we do know that it is coming.


With hardly any time left at all before it all kicks off, we're pretty sure on a few things now, that Android 4.3 is coming, Google Maps is getting revamped and of course, Google Play games is on its way. Regardless of how you feel about Google I/O, today is a pretty exciting day and you can keep it locked to Android Headlines for all the news as fast as our fingers can bring it to you guys!


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