Google Introduces Hangout – Finally their New Cross-Platform Messaging Service Announced

May 15, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Google has just announced Hangouts. Which is their new cross-platform messaging service. It was previously named Babel. It works cross-platform and it’ll be available on Chrome, Android and iOS today. This is combining Google Talk, Google+ Hangouts, and Google Messenger all into one app. It’s a standalone app with a brand new green icon. It also uses Google’s new Card UI, which is something I’m loving right now.

With Hangouts you’ll be able to bring conversations to life with photos, emoji and video calls. This is a great product, and personally I can’t wait to play with it later today. It’ll be on the Play Store later on today, and it should work on most versions of Android.

The Hangouts app will present a list of people that you can have conversations with, as well as video call. Each conversation also gets it’s own name, sorta like a chat room back in the old days. You can also do a video chat with up to 10 people. Sounds fun right?

Lots more features coming for Hangouts later today as this is still developing.