Google Babel May Indeed be Called Hangouts at Launch, Early Desktop Notifications Confirm It


We've been hearing rumors that Google Babel will actually be called Hangouts when the product launches. Then again, everything we do know about the service is pretty much based on rumors alone so it's certainly nothing new. Some folks even went so far to say that Babel, or Hangouts or whatever the hell it is may not even support SMS and MMS messaging at launch. While that's possible, it doesn't make any sense for Google to launch a cross platform messaging service without SMS support.

Nevertheless, some images have leaked which show off a new notification for Hangouts, and as I've already mentioned that's the supposed upcoming Babel service. The images popped up on Reddit, where users discussed the notifications and what they actually mean. Many believe it was just a sign of things to come.

Google+ Hangouts Notification (left), Google Chat notification (right)

Reddit user united_xtrimsky, who posted the image above, also had this to say:

I have my android phone linked with Google Voice, and Google Voice also calls my desktop computer because it has Google Chat installed.

I got an incoming call, and didn't answer the phone. Usually when I do that I get a popup on my computer saying that someone is trying to call me in Google Chat.


Now I just got a large popup, saying that someone is calling me from Google+ Hangouts! (Which confirms it will just be called Hangouts).

I guess anyone of you can test it if you install Google Chat Chrome Extension and redirect calls to "Google Talk" inside Google Voice.

Here is a screenshot: [see image above, screenshot on the left]


EDIT: AND ITS GONE…. (back to normal popup) [see image above, screenshot on the right]

Mehu, another user from Reddit posted the following information and image (below):

I'm also on stable [not dev channel] and mine looks like yours, so I'm guessing you are correct about the design difference.


Here is a screenshot. [image below]

It's kind of weird though, the first time, the bottom box didn't show up, only the hangouts one was there. But now, both are there every time I call.



Of course, several other Reddit users also chimed in with more information and screenshots. The use of multiple notification styles suggests that Google is playing around with the way they look, probably trying to find the best one. This information can hardly be considered an official confirmation that the name for the new service is "Hangouts". I think, like all rumors, we may actually find out next week that only part of this is information is accurate.

As always, stay tuned for more information.

Via Reddit