Google: Android Now Has 900 Million Activations

900 million

During the keynote this morning at Google I/O, Google announced that Android has hit 900 million total activations. Compared to last year’s announcement, that’s an increase of about 500 million.

In total, Google Play has also received 48 million app installs across all developers that have launched applications in the Android marketplace. They intend to increase those numbers, and cited that with 7 billion total people in the world they have a lot more room to grow.

In the last month alone, there have been 2.5 billion app installs. Furthermore, in the last four months more money has been paid to developers than the entire total for last year. That’s insane! In just four months developers have made more money than an entire year’s worth of revenue.

Google estimates that there is now 2.5 times more revenue generated per user, as a year on year estimation from Google Play.

The real news here is that these are phenomenal numbers all around. Way to go Google!  Stay tuned here at Android Headlines for more coverage of Google I/O.

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