Glass Won’t be Exclusive to Android, iOS Support Will Come Eventually

May 6, 2013 - Written By Briley Kenney

According to a Google employee, Glass is not going to be Android exclusive. Apparently, Glass will eventually be compatible with the iPhone, as well. Although the information offered by an unnamed source wasn’t quite specific about how the two systems would be connected. iOS devices may or may not require an additional app to connect to Glass, the fact of the matter is that we simply don’t have enough information at this time.

It was recently announced that Glass won’t always require a smartphone to take advantage of select features, but there’s no word on whether or not that functionality will also be implemented with iOS.

The retail release of Google Glass for regular consumers is not expected to happen until sometime in 2014, so we still have a while before all those details are fleshed out. The units that are currently out in the wild are just developer devices and are really nothing more than just early models despite all the popularity they’ve garnered.

The big news here is that Google is making the platform available to iOS users in addition to Android users. Surely, that will help Google move more units when Glass finally makes its way to market.

Recently, some folks have taken to signing a petition calling for the white house to ban Google Glass. As it stands (at least at the time of this writing), the petition only has 4 total signatures. It will be interesting to see how big that number grows. People seem to be rather concerned about their privacy in regards to Glass, and it’s definitely warranted. Imagine lots of folks equipped with an always-connected device that’s capable of recording video and uploading it instantly to YouTube or similar online sharing services. Better yet, imagine someone recording a personally sensitive situation you’re involved in and then uploading it to the internet instantly for all the world to see. Keep in mind, that’s not exactly how it will go but it’s easy to see why some people are scared of the platform.

Do you think Glass is going to take off when it makes a retail debut? Do you think the support for iOS will help Google in the long run?

Via: GSMinsider