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Remember when you were little and your parents told you to use your words and not your hands to solve problems? Well in punch quest you do exactly the opposite. You have a problem? Punch it in the face. Don't like that goblin who's about to hit you with his spiked club? Punch him in the face. Maybe uppercut him into next week. Either way, if he wants to talk it out you're not listening. Its punch or be punched.Punch quest is an homage to the retro style side scrolling fighting games like double dragon except its a continuous scroller. You use your left and right fingers to tap the screen to punch and uppercut. Right tapping punches and moves your character while left tapping uppercuts and makes him jump. If you perform a second left tap while hes in he air he'll punch down onto characters and smash their faces in or down onto priceless vases or whatever is in his way. Whatever you can punch though almost undoubtedly will break and give you points and trust me you want more points. Its a video game so you always want more points right?Pretty simple game mechanics when you get down to the nitty gritty. This makes the game easy to pick up and play without much learning. It might take a little time to master however if you are to dodge all or any incoming barrage from your enemies. Ghouls, ghosts, skeletons, and goblins alike all want to take you down and... probably devour you and your soul or something I'm not really sure, but whatever it is, it isn't nice and you wouldn't invite them over for Sunday dinner if you catch my drift.Punch quest has many super abilities and special moves that you can unlock by doing quests throughout your story mode campaign. Hence the "quest" in punch quest. Gain access to these special moves and such by getting more points to a certain degree or finishing the achievements each quest will ask you to do. If you hit the pause button located in the upper right corner of the screen the quest list pops up so you can see what your currently working with and how much progress you've made towards it. Finishing quests also gets you things like fancy looking hats and costumes for our protagonist in this lovely game. Because you want him to look nice while hes beating the shit outta monsters don't you? If not that's just rude. You can even ride a dinosaur that shoots lasers from his mouth which is awesome. He doesn't always pop up though as I've noticed in my many, many, attempts to get further in this game then 5 minutes of play before I crash and burn.

Punch your way through tons of monsters, pummel them till there blue in the face. Or whatever color monsters get when you pummel them in the face. Smash fragile pottery to rack up points. There's also a combo system set up that lets you punch your enemies across the map. Did you doubt there would be? The name is punch quest. Punching is your life. Combos are nothing if not easy for you. Did I mention there's a magical gnome involved in here somewhere? Every game needs a magical gnome. OK, maybe not every game but punch quest has one. Punch his egg and he comes barreling out I guess, I have not found this gnome yet, but hes there I assure you. I wonder what he does.

Overall, punch quest is an awesome and addicting game that I would recommend to everyone especially for the low, low price of a buck. If you loved side scrolling fighting games back then when you were a kid (or mid sized adult I don't know how old all of you are) then you'll surely love them now with Punch Quest. Definitely pick it up and give it a shot. 

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