Game Spotlight: House of The Dead Overkill-The Lost Reels

Zombies. We can't live with em' (and who'd want to, I certainly don't want to wake up to a zombie trying to bite my face off as it makes me a plate of over easy eggs) we can't live without em'. Zombies are literally everywhere and you'd be hard pressed not to notice. The newest thing to highlight the denizens of the dead is Sega's House of the Dead Overkill: The lost reels. It's a port of the original Wii title and very smoothly done I might add. If you like zombie shooter games, and you have to have played House of the Dead in the arcades at least if you do, (this is where I became familiar with the awesomeness) then you need to give The Lost Reels a try.

To start, the game is a classy port of the Wii original, remixed to give it a fresh look and feel, which already means it'll be ultimately better than it would have if it was a straight up Android version. Sega has taken the time to add in a few key touches to really make this game shine as a touch enabled game that we can play on the go should we ever feel the need to blow a zombies head off. The game features a story mode and a survival mode for the truly daring, which you can play through to either engage in the hilarity of the games dialogue, or just... mow down zombies over and over and over.

The game stars the original cast of characters from The House of The Dead Overkill, only two of which seem to be playable at the start of the game which happen to be Agent G and Isaac Washington. In story mode there are three different levels or "movies" you can choose (papa's palace of pain, Ballistic Trauma, and Naked Terror) but only one is available from the beginning. Although this was a tad bit of a letdown at first it forces a bit of play through to earn the other levels though the games currency called ka$h which you obtain by mostly with the use of multipliers and combo points if you can keep them up during play. Ka$h will also allow you to buy things like weapons, upgrades, and gadgets like grenades or skins for other weapons such as the Ninja Star skin for the Colt which is just simply awesome.

The game has an overall arcade style feel to it that should bring back memories for most of us hat flocked to the arcades as kids to play the latest games. The game is a bit of nostalgia for us older gamers, and just plain zombie killing fun for the newcomers. Certainly one of the best games that I have actually paid for in a while. Its great for a quick 20 minutes of gaming here and there, or a little bit of a longer session if you really wanna grind out some ka$h and buy all the upgrades and levels as soon as you can. The House of The Dead Overkill: The Lost Reels will set you back about $5 if you wanna add some experience to your resume for dispatching the undead. 

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