Galaxy S4, Note II and HTC One All Get Google Wallet… On Sprint


Sadly Google Wallet didn't exactly play a huge role in yesterday's keynote activities. We did, However, get some good news about the platform from the official Google Wallet Twitter account. Sprint's Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note II and the HTC One will all be getting Google Wallet support.

While Sprint isn't exactly the fastest growing carrier right now, getting wallet on what are arguably the three highest profile Android phones available today could be a big boost for the platform. Sprint has always been the more cooperative of the CDMA carriers. With Google Wallet they have actually cooperated more with Google than even T-Mobile, as they have teamed up with AT&T and Verizon to push ISIS.


While I'm glad to see Sprint sticking with Wallet there are more and more signs indicating that Wallet may be struggling a little too much. Unfortunate as it is, in the current mobile space it is very hard to do anything without the approval of carriers. Whether you are launching a new phone, pushing out an update or, as in this case, trying to create a game-changing new payment system, carrier backing is required. While Google Wallet can certainly be hacked onto almost any phone, your average consumer will stick with whatever stock apps the phone's manufacturer and carrier decided to put on the device.

Since consumers are unlikely to seek out wallet on their own, that means that more than three-quarters of users will use ISIS by default. While I'm not exactly a big fan of Verizon's business practices, I don't have too much of an issue with ISIS. What I do take issue with is the uncompetitive nature of using your power in an industry to block consumers from trying out a different company's product.

On a more positive note, the Sprint news is still a big win for Google. The partnership will show potential partners in retail that they still are committed to growing the platform. Even though Wallet's leader has recently left the company and their physical card has been delayed once again it appears they will stick with the platform.


So to our Sprint using readers out there, go download Wallet from the Play Store and let us know if it works for you! Does anybody believe that Google Wallet ever make it a broad audience? Shout out in the comment section down below!

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