Further Proof of Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Surfaces

Samsung Galaxy Camera e1366269915568


The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom – the long rumored extension of the S4 lineup that includes a fully integrated zoom lens – is looking more and more to be something that we really will be able to get our hands on someday.  Our sources indicate that we the Galaxy S4 Zoom will not simply be a full size Galaxy S4 with a zoom lens affixed to one side, but rather it will feature a smaller screen alongside the following rumored specs:

  • Screen resolution of 540 x 960
  • Pixel aspect ratio of 1:1
  • 16 megapixel digital camera
  • 10x optical zoom

This makes sense when one thinks about the trends in regards to the sizes of digital cameras compared to the sizes of smartphones.  While smartphones are continually getting bigger due to seeming ever growing screen sizes, digital cameras have long favored a smaller, more pocket-able form factor.  Samsung knows that old adage that "the best camera you have  is the one you have with you" and going after the smaller form factor helps to get them in your pocket!

I have to say that I love how Samsung introduces a flagship model and then creates variation after variation of it.  It is a smart business practice that appears to be working for the South Korean tech giant, as it allows going after several different niche user groups and possibly even targets the same customers twice.  I'd definitely be in the group that strongly consider adding the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom to my current smartphone, as there are times that a really high quality camera would be beneficial (so long as I could get it without having to secure it via my cell carrier because another contract one a camera is definitely something I could not justify).

Assuming that the Galaxy S4 Zoom does get introduced by Samsung, we have several questions about it and will be one of the first in line to check it out.  You can count on us to stay up to date with developments on the Galaxy S4 Zoom and bring you the news as it happens.  And, don't forget to share your thoughts on the rumored Galaxy S4 Zoom in the comments below.  Let us know if it is something that you would buy!

Source:  UAProf