From the Ashes of Google+ Games, Rises Google Play Game Services


So it has been announced that Google+ Games will be officially discontinued by the end of June this year, which would be a stunning upset if anyone had heard of the service to begin with. And on the extremely unlikely chance that someone is actually shedding a tear over this news, fear not! Google Play has also announced its new Game Services, which will fill the gap left by the prior failed service, only reinforcing the decision to make the service obsolete. Google+ Games essentially allowed users to share and play games such as Farmville with their circles, much like Facebook games. Not only that, but Google Play Game Services will allow even more advanced features in the world of mobile gaming.

In With the New Mobile Gaming Renaissance

Suddenly not only can you invite friends to play a game, you will actually be able to play it with them in real time online! Gameloft is one of the first mobile gaming app developers to jump on board with a handful of their new games such as Modern Combat 4, Asphalt 7: Heat, and Dungeon Hunter 4. These games are multiplayer and party based so such a long stride as Google Play Game Services will only strengthen those features and revolutionize mobile gaming, opening the door for it to become so much more.

Battle Demon Hellspawn in Gameloft's Dungeon Hunter 4



I personally am a fairly regular player of Dungeon Hunter 4 and have always seen the online play option but had since given up on it due to constant connection problems. However this thrilling new development on Google's part means I could hopefully finally find help in completing the level I have been stuck on for the past two weeks! As a fantasy game very closely resembling Blizzard's Diablo series, I feel cheated that I have yet had the privilege to experience the games full potential and stand back to back with fellow warriors against the demon hordes invading Valenthia instead of always facing certain death.

Another Gameloft gem that I have been disappointed in is their homage to Team Fortress 2, Blitz Brigade. Not only have I had connection trouble via Facebook trying to play the training missions, but also I have yet to be able to successfully set up an online match with other players as advertised. Overtly team based multiplayer shooters such as this NEED a reliable online service to stay connected in the heat of battle, and we can only hope that Google Play Game Services will really bring that service they promise to the mobile gaming community in the near future.