Former Microsoft Executive Steven Sinofsky Now Uses An HTC One

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In the mobile industry recently, we've seen a lot of former Apple enthusiasts, or "fanboys", make the switch to Android. Guy Kawasaki, who was once an Apple employe, recently made the switch to Android and is even now a consultant for Motorola. Social media extraordinaire Robert Scoble has also recently made the jump, saying "I am no longer an Apple fanboy" in a post on Google+. Andy Ihnatko recently made the jump to Android, saying that Android got great. The OS got great, and the hardware got great. This time, another former Windows man is now using an Android. Not only was he a Windows fanboy, but he was an executive at Microsoft for an extended period of time.

While speaking the AlltThingsD D11 conference, Steven Sinofsky admitted that he is now using an HTC One as his primary phone. Sinofsky was the former President of Windows at Microsoft, but left in November of last year. "We are all HTC One users these days," he touted while holding up an HTC One for the audience to see. Sinofsky did point out that while the openness and variety of Android is great, there are still somethings Google could be doing to improve it. For example, he claims that the software "duplicates things" and because of that thinks he is in Portland, Maine, when he really isn't.

"Using this Android phone. It is amazing in its openness and all its variety. But then the seems, the software that duplicates things," Sinofsky explained."Because of the duplicate home screen thing it actually thinks I am in Portland, Maine, right now." "The design language shows that openness," he added. "Lots of dialogue boxes asking if you want to open this program or that program. Those are hard challenges."

One thing that Google is benefitting from, Sinofsky says, is having many people be apart of their success, which I assume means having companies like Samsung and HTC behind them.

"Having many people be part of your success, by the way, is a big force multiplier," he said,"[That is] something Microsoft long benefitted from with Windows."

Sinofsky then mentioned that the iPhone is great, but is very limited in the things it can do. "It's beautiful to use an iPhone – as long as you want do the things it supports," he said.

What do you think of a former Microsoft executive using a HTC One now? It certainly shows that Google is on its quest to dominate the mobile industry. Let us know down in the comments!

Source: AllThingsD