Featured: Top Ten Best Android Games - May 2013

10. Angry Birds Friends

You love Angry Birds, and you love your friends. So why not join them both? Then again perhaps you don't love your friends. Maybe they take advantage of you and spit on your shoe, (hey these are new kicks bro!) in which case, it's time to get some new friends. What better way to do that than with everyone's favorite flock of feathered characters. Angry Birds swept the nation with the original, fast forward many iterations of the game and a few years later, Rovio took the excitement to Facebook where you could compete and interact with your friends in a whole new way playing Angry Birds. Rovio couldn't stand to see Facebook players having all the fun, and wanted you to get in on it too. So, they ported the game to Android. It's got tournaments with new levels added every week, and leaderboards of course, and the best yet, you can send gifts, brag and invite your Facebook friends to play. It's Angry Birds remixed.

9. Worms 2: Armageddon

Turn-based strategy has never been this awesome. Squirming into the hands of Android gamers everywhere, Worms 2: Armageddon brings you New Weapons, New Customizations cause... DUH!, and more explosions than the Original. There are 30 single player missions across 5 different themes, plenty of different modes to keep things fresh, and more worms than you can shake a stick at. If you shook sticks at worms in the first place. I always just picked them up with sticks and moved them kindly out of my path. Check out the mayhem in this game from the link below.

8. House of the Dead Overkill: The Lost Reels

I'm just going to say this once... Zombies! Remember those days at the arcade? House of the Dead was always my favorite. House of the Dead 2 to be more correct. I couldn't get enough. Too young for the Arcade generation? Maybe you played The original House of the Dead Overkill on the Wii. Well, in either case, The Lost Reels takes all the action and places it right in your hands. It's House of the Dead just like you remember it, but with new characters ( maybe not for some who've played the original) and plenty of cool and quirky upgrades. My favorite is the Ninja Star mod for the Colt. I think I just have an obsession with ninjas, they're fucking cool. If you like zombie shooters, dig into this undead madness and trust me, you'll be in for a laugh with all the action. Check out our Spotlight review of the game here.

7. Sonic The Hedgehog

Not much needs to be said here accept, this is platform gaming at its core. Generations of kids across the world got their taste for the Blue Bomber when the Sega Genesis was fighting for the King of consoles with Nintendo's SNES. Sega hasn't been shy with releasing any of the games in the Sonic lineup, but they finally saw fit to bring it back to where it all began. Sonic the Hedgehog for Android lets you rehash all the adventures and Saturday mornings spent trying to bring down the Evil Dr. Eggman. Things are just as you may remember, with a few new twists. Remastered for mobile, you can now play as Sonic's friends Tales and Knuckles for the first time in the Original Sonic the Hedgehog game. There's also a new Time Attack Mode. (Gotta go fast!) Sega was generous enough to add in controller support here, so you can really sit back, relax, and slip into nostalgia.

6. Field Runners 2

Subatomic Studios and Field Runners are back and bigger than ever. You'll have to use all you've got in your arsenal to fend off these little buggers in this 20+ hour campaign. Field Runners 2 not only gives you plenty of new gameplay, but there's 20 new lush hand painted 2D levels, with 20 unique upgradeable weapons to help you defend your territory. If you're a tower defense fan, Field Runners 2 is surely one to mark off the list of installed games.

5. Tales of Illyria

How did I get started on games? I was 8 years old, with an old Apple Macintosh in our computer classroom and Oregon Trail was all the rage. You may have heard of it. Well, Tales of Illyria takes that style of game and mashes it together with RPG elements and choose your own adventure style. It's a party based RPG, so you can take full control of each of your party members and issue their actions or let the AI do the work. Tales of Illyria offers tons of artwork in full 1080p, and the gameplay is fast and in real time. Adventure fans and Oregon Trail junkies have to check this game out. It just might tickle your fancy.

4. Dark Avenger

I love me some hack-n-slash. As a fan of the dungeon crawler genre for years, I'm constantly on the hunt for a good mobile dungeon crawler. Thanks to Gamevil and Boolean games, Dark Avenger fills my needs. You've got three heroic classes to choose from. Play as a Mage, Templar, or Archer. Select your hero, then get to killing. HARK! OVER THERE. DISPOSE OF THOSE DEMONS! The graphics are phenomenal and gameplay is fluid and smooth. Play through the campaign and grind out your character and collect sweet loots, or try your hand in the Inifinity Tower. Real time chat with other players and even PvP throw some nice multiplayer features into the game. Dark Avenger is free, so pick it up if you think you can muster the gall to withstand the onslaught of evil forces.

3. Combo Crew

Combo Crew pays homage to games like Final Fight, Street Fighter, and Double Dragon. It's a true "brawler" game at heart. You have to defeat the evil Mr. Boss. Why you ask? Cause he's a prick for trapping you in his tower. Now fight your way to freedom by throwing out multitudes of combos and breaking faces. You can play the game alone or even link up with friends online and save each other from K.O. Combo Crew has everything from spinning roundhouse kicks to uppercuts, string combos together with easy to use touch based gestures, so no more messing up your combos with complex directional moves. That's right, no virtual D-Pads. Did I mention there's ass kicking?

2. Punch Quest

If Chuck Norris and "The Most Interesting Man In The World" could have a child. The Hero in Punch Quest would be that gift from God. Ready your fists, and punch your way into unfathomable glory in this arcade adventure unlike any other. Jab, uppercut, and slam your fists into baddies and complete achievements to save... someone I'm sure. See how long you can last before you die. Even if this game had no story or plot and was just you running through and punching everything in sight, it would still be a pyramid of awesome. If you want to shower yourself in cool, you'll play Punch Quest. Punch Quest has punching. Enough said. But that's not all you get, you can ride a laser shooting dinosaur. Clearly every human beings dream. There are lots of unlockables and super moves to aid you in reaching untold levels of Badassery. Play Punch Quest now or forever regret the biggest mistake of your life. Still not convinced? Read up on punch Quest in our Spotlight

1. Dungeon Hunter 4

As I've said before, I love dungeon crawlers. I'm happy to throw Dungeon Hunter 4 at the top of this list since Gameloft decided to take quite possibly their most popular series of games back to its roots with the action/adventure rpg game style. Quests, hack and slash action, and loot! Fans of the arena style that was introduced in Dungeon Hunter 3 won't have to go without though, there are arena areas within the game where you can go through wave after wave of demons and evil incarnate. The graphics are top notch, and thank god the story line came back. The best Dungeon Hunter yet. You can choose from 4 different types of heroes, and play by your lonesome or link up with friends for PvP or co-op arenas. Dungeon Hunter 4 is hack-n-slash mobile gaming at its finest.


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